January 27, 2004

Yep. More snow. Let's see what else is going on...Oscar nominations? Don't really care. Super Bowl? Care about as much as Paul Katcher. New Hampshire primary? I was playing tennis and missed pretty much everything; hopefully I'll have something next Tuesday to justify Whybark's fancy logo.

But wait! Here's something that piques my interest! Following up on my Big Apple Blogger Bash report on Saturday, we are oh so sorry about having to take you down...deeks!
AZ, the elaborate multilevel Asian restaurant at 21 West 17th Street, has closed. The original chef, PATRICIA YEO, left last summer, and the owner, JIMMY HABER, plans to renovate the place and reopen it with a different focus.
I guess now it's only the former worst bar in New York, huh? And here's an idea for a new focus, Jimmy: maybe you and your staff can not act like douchebags! Focus on that! (Thanks to Josh of the Food Section, a very cool site about local culinary goings-on, for spreading this fine news.)
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