January 12, 2004

SHAME. Sure, the greatest city in New Jersey has an online presence with worse, less frequently updated content than a Baha Men fan site, but who really cares? Rocker and blogger Tris McCall, that's who!
We start with the official city site. Hope you like Mayor Cunningham's face. Yes, that's right; that's all of it. Go on, click around in disbelief. There is no content, there are no links, there is no there there. You do get a tacky-looking animation on the words "under construction", and a statement at the bottom of the page that reads that items on the page can't be duplicated without the consent of the City of Jersey City. Are you kidding me?? What items? The picture of the mayor? Hell, I am stealing it right now:

Honorable Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham

There. I hope they come and put me in irons for my heinous infraction. No, seriously, I do hope they come after me, just so that I can tell them to their faces that the most prominent city in New Jersey ought to have some goddamned content on its website. Is that too much to ask? Teterboro has about sixteen residents; they've got a website. Okay, it's not the most smashing piece of web design in the galaxy, but at least it exists.
Tris goes on to point out recreation schedules for the summer of 2002 (though unfortunately misses the page header: "Are you Hot and want to have some fun ? want to swim aor jump in a sprinkl"), Bruce Springsteen tour schedules, uncompleted restaurant/shopping grids, and much, much less.

Tris McCall is a man who loves his city, who hates to see it put to shame by such lesser places as Egg Harbor and Old Bridge. And while linking to Tris's well-justified rant means that at some point I'm probably going to have to help him by doing...well, something, it's a risk I'm willing to take to help rescue our city from broken-link purgatory.

And just to give the man a plug, Tris McCall will be performing in Hoboken at Maxwell's this Friday night at 10, with the show preceded by a 7:45 panel discussion regarding New Jersey music and culture. Keith and I are currently planning to be there for the show.
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