December 22, 2003

My Favorite Films of 2003.
  1. Lilya 4-Ever: One of the starkest, most powerful films I've ever seen, and when the houselights came on not a single person moved, all riveted to our seats staring straight ahead and our breath knocked out.
  2. American Splendor:Will I just be a hopeless idealist as I wait to hear Paul Giamatti's name when they read out the Oscar nominations? Whatever happens, "You should know I've had a vasectomy." definitely goes on my list of the most romantic lines in Hollywood history.
  3. Old School: The scene: Shea Stadium in June. The situation: sitting in front of me is a father with his young child, becoming increasingly concerned about the half-drunk fan cursing up a storm in the row in front of us. After a couple of hints, the father explicitly asks the drunk guy to tone it down a little, at which point he looks at the father, then at the kid, then back to the father, finally saying, "Earmuffs! All you had to do is say earmuffs!" School of Rock and A Mighty Wind got all of the attention, but Vaughn, Ferrell, and a cast of thousands made me laugh the hardest.
  4. Finding Nemo: Worked on every level.
  5. tie: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Lost in Translation: Basically the same movie on different scales, so how could I choose?

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