November 11, 2003

Dear Belle & Sebastian: Sure, you put on a decent show tonight...maybe not fully worth the price but that isn't your concern and I do understand that there's, like, 30 of you up there, so on a dollars-per-band-member basis it was actually a pretty decent deal.

So why did several thousand of us walk out of the Town Hall feeling like we just got taken for a double-sawbuck scam by some Coney Island carnies? Maybe because you decided that you would be the first band since Bill Haley to put on a concert and not play a freaking encore! You're a rock band! That's what you do! You come out and play another two songs! If you don't want to play two more songs, well, then you leave the goddamned stage with two songs left on the setlist, and then you come out and play the last two songs! Thanks a frigging lot...deeks!
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