October 10, 2003

If I were a cheesy afternoon-drivetime radio DJ I'd definitely be playing that "I don't wanna work I just wanna bang on the drums all day" song, but since I'm not I'll probably just go into Manhattan and hang with my small sister. I bought my brother lunch today, will probably buy my sister dinner (I usually don't mean to, but the last two times the check came I pulled out my wallet and she thanked me, and I didn't want to look cheap about it)...am I a fine sibling or what?

In side notes before I go: Mr. Whybark has once again gone above and beyond in touching up the IllDonk logo to reflect Koen Vermandere's poor showing; if Murph is reading this, I was pretty excited to see that Entertainment Weekly used the expression "up in his grill" in relation to Mel Gibson and the Anti-Defamation League; Jahna D'Lish, who I will be road-tripping with tomorrow, thought that I didn't make it clear that the two bartenders making out by the light of the Statue of Liberty were both of the female persuasion (though it seemed pretty obvious to me).
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