October 22, 2003

Boy, if there was anything that could have gotten me to turn the TV off and the radio on (even with the absolutely horrific Harold Reynolds announcing) it was McCarver and Buck palling around with Bud Selig, who was listening to them on his headphones. Click. Meanwhile, I have to admit that I felt a little teary-eyed when Roger Clemens, who I have watched and admired for most of my baseball life, closed out the 7th inning with a K and walked off the field for perhaps the final time. And is it safe to say that Alfonso Soriano is officially the Rick Ankiel of the 2003 World Series? And my body can't take too many more of these post-midnight finishes; don't these people know I work for a living. It definitely makes me miss my time on the West Coast, when even the lastest finishes still allowed for plenty of shuteye.
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