September 23, 2003

On Passing by Miss Ohio Wandering Down the Atlantic City Boardwalk at 11:30 the Night of the Miss America Pageant.
Trapped in AC, aching head,
My luck colder than cold.
I bet on black, it came up red,
They raised, I had to fold.

Again I hit the bank machine,
Once more into the breach ,
Dealer drew an eight to his 13,
Maxed out, I hit the beach.

Walked out the cool casino door,
Felt the losers' humid blast.
No joy had touched the Jersey Shore,
Until she sauntered past.

Cleveland cutie, Dayton dream,
Five hundred miles miles from home.
Her skin as lush as fresh-drawn cream,
Smile bright as polished chrome.

"Ditch your handlers, family, friends,
For once do something rash.
Run off with me to the earth's ends,
Wear nothing but your sash."

"We are both losers here tonight,
You: a pageant, me: two grand.
But we'll end up winners here tonight,
If you'll only take my hand."

But we played our separate roles,
So lonely I did stay,
I sold some blood for tolls and gas,
Plasma for the buffet.

A loser's memory often fades,
Soon back to AC I'll go.
And I'll play with diamonds, clubs, and spades,
But my heart's in Ohio.

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