September 28, 2003

Folks, after months upon months of research, fact-checking, and scholarly journeys into the snarkiest depths of the Internet, the Black Hearts Party (of which I am a proud associate) is proud to introduce its latest and greatest feature: Today in Black Hearts History. Countless horrid and heart-wrenching events have taken place during the long and depressing history of the world, and at least one of them will make you forget about your own petty and pathetic problems.

Is today the anniversary of the day that those famously frigid pandas, Ling Ling and Tsing Tsing, arrived at the National Zoo? Perhaps it's the birthday of Yoko Ono, the patron saint of girlfriends who come between a guy and his friends. Or can it be one of the dozen or so Liz Taylor wedding dates? Just head on over to the Black Hearts Party site every single day to find out the scoop.
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