August 25, 2003

Ten Things I Did Over the Weekend that You Most Likely Did Not:
  1. Stayed in a hotel across the street from where the first phone call was made — oh, and the hotel was crawling with stewardesses, too.
  2. Ate steak and lobster, like one of them Richie Rich types I'm always ragging on. Sorry, Richie Riches — them's good eating!
  3. Visited the delightful Fenway Park for the first time to see my Mariners lose a thrilling 7-6 10-inning game that featured back-to-back Red Sox homers (okay, I missed these while waiting on line for a Fenway Frank), 11 pitchers, Manny Ramirez being sort-of picked off of second base after just sort of wandering off, and the following series of lead changes: Red Sox, Mariners, Tie, Red Sox, Mariners, Red Sox, Tie, Red Sox. Great game.
  4. Won one round of a Fleer-sponsored card-flipping contest, winning a pack of cards (Pedro insert/Edgar/Helton) and a t-shirt that some joker managed to spill ketchup on.
  5. Ate beans.
  6. Watched a seemingly endless parade of Boston Duck Tour Boats/Buses pass by, including one that we ended up following for about 15 minutes on our way out town, all the time wishing that my friend Mary Duck, a noted Duck Tour enthusiast, could be there.
  7. Drank a glass of Talisker single-malt....mmmm, that's some tasty stuff.
  8. Took a tour of the U.S.S. Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned warship still afloat, while a large group of new Chief Petty Officers repeatedly sang "Anchors Away" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" real loud-like.
  9. Ripped out a chunk of filling while flossing, revealing decay that will now need expensive root canal work to fix.
  10. Got home after a seven-hour, four-state car trip and passed out before my head hit the pillow.

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