August 15, 2003

Report from Great Northeastern Blackout of Ought-Three. Though for obvious reasons I was unable to report during the power outage, I did provide up-to-the-second updates to my friend, a wonderful human being, and the next Governor of the great state of California, Mike Whybark. [I'm not going to link to each individual post; just go over there and read the whole damn thing.] Needless to say, power was restored sometime during the night, while I slept soundly, and the lack of a working alarm clock means that I am still here in my room as I'm supposed to be at work.

As I mentioned to Mike the problem with a massive blackout is that while it seems like a great story, not much really happens. I mean...there just wasn't that much to tell him. It was kinda dark, though at the time I talked to him it wasn't fully night yet. I talked to my NYC-working sister and she was doing fine, as she was about to head over to a local friend's house. I didn't reach D'Lish, but I assume she was doing well. My roommate and I chatted and lit little candles. People were wandering around the streets. That sort of thing. Thank the Lord that Mr. Whybark was able to turn by pebbles of info into a mountain of journalism.
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