June 13, 2003

Via Paul Frankenstein, in an attempt to help me become more popular with the international audience, I present the most recent post, translated into Portuguese, and then back into English!
Somebody For is There Must Prove me Its Or Its Devotion Buying Me These Relatively Cheap Gifts. Hey, somebody for is of there will please buy me the recently set free game of my favourite film of all the hour, the right material of special edition DVD? It has documentaries and footage never-before-visa! Perhaps E if.not, you can preferivelmente buy for me special edition recently also set free DVD of one another favourite film of mine, a time in top of a moment in America? The approval, starts me only unrated the version old school, then. Dammit, because I all establish my money in a complete collection of each flavor and size of insane person of dog 20/20?!?!?!
I feel so — how do you say? — sophistimicated!
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