June 09, 2003

Friends of The Donk Round-Up!
  1. Mike Whybark, who many of you may remember from his role as the voice of Moonbase Alpha Computer on Space: 1999, just sent me a link to the Weirdsmobile site, featuring the talents of "B", who Mike thinks is the funniest damn blogger he's read in ages. I'm too hepped up on codeine and Pixie Stix to judge for myself, but until then we better take his word for it or he'll do that annoying computer voice thing for hours.
  2. Following up on yesterday's classic BumWines Review link, my old friend Phillipe "Murph" Lopez sends word that some folks in a Philadelphia industrial park are working on machinery that can turn turkey offal, or pretty much anything else, into oil. As a bonus, the story features this not-at-all-creepy note:
    If a 175-pound man fell into one end, he would come out the other end as 38 pounds of oil, 7 pounds of gas, and 7 pounds of minerals, as well as 123 pounds of sterilized water.
    If successful, this would be pretty damn sweet (the cheap, renewable energy, not the guy falling into the machine).
  3. Um...I guess that's all the friends I have, but I suppose I can use this space to say that if you're a telemarketer trying to sell me credit protection or some useless crap like that, don't think I'm going to be all impressed when you start off by telling me you're "calling long distance." What is this, 1965? Am I supposed to buy something from you just so we don't keep the switchboard operator waiting? It's a three-cent call, for Pete's sake. Sheesh.

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