June 17, 2003

Actual Tech News!
The Council of Europe — an influential quasi-governmental body that drafts conventions and treaties — is meeting on Monday to finalize a proposal that [...] says that Internet news organizations, individual Web sites, moderated mailing lists and even Web logs (or "blogs"), must offer a "right of reply" to those who have been criticized by a person or organization.
Hmmm...it appears that if those muckety-mucks on the Council (of which the U.S. is a non-voting member) have their way, then there could be all sorts of far-reaching effects on our little corner of the blog world. Red Sox fans will get their say over on Paul Katcher's site, Girls Are Pretty might have to print rebuttals from folks who think that they ain't, and Jahna D'Lish might have to print the angry, anonymous replies from readers with uncomfortably small penises. The only good side is that Vincent Gallo might write in with a long-and-inevitably-heelarious rant to my sister Nancy.
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