March 20, 2003

Personal Day. Figured if I went into work yesterday I'd finally say one of the near-constant stream of momentarily-satisfying-yet-ultimately-not-really-especially-when-I'm-hastily-packing-my-belongings-into-a-box comments that keep reaching my teeth before I shove them back down my throat. The same damn people in the same tiny little room, day after day after day after day, the same office politics, lack of communication, generally stupidheadedness...

So I called out from work, got in my car, and headed west. Ah, the open road! The fresh air (until it got way too cold)! The country stations! The weird meat market off of the Interstate that had a bunch of $2 roast tracheas hanging up near the cash register! The guy driving a green Honda who I almost rammed into in the Gettysburg Visitor's Center parking lot and that I swear was Kenny Rogers! The yummiest pretzels ever! It all felt...purifying, like a cool, strong wind cleaning out all the garbage in my life (though I guess an enema would be a better metaphor there, but I'll stick with the breeze for now). I fell asleep last night exhausted and content, ready to start fresh in the morning.

And then at EIGHT-FREAKING-FORTY-THREE A.M. the whole stupid mess started again. Perhaps even worse, since I had to make up for all the BS I missed yesterday. Bleh, I say. Bleh.
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