March 15, 2003

Ouch. Last night, my ace-high flush met up with an extremely well-hidden full house, bringing my night to a quick and stunning close. Then I woke up in agony at around 3 a.m. with a massive leg cramp, since I am apparently 12 years old again...stretching, aspirin, tumblers of water until I could finally fall asleep, and even now I can't walk without limping and grimacing.

On the positive side, it's a gorgeous day out, so I'm gonna try and take advantage of that, perhaps lounging in the park and then heading to one of those museum things I've heard so much about. Plus, I just made my hotel reservations for what promises to be the social event of the decade: this July's Jersey Shore nuptials of Murph & Juli, with the beach ceremony performed by...ME! Yes, I'm sure I'll be writing more about this as we get closer, but I have been asked (and have humbly and gratefully accepted) the rather weighty task of joining together my old roommates from back in Seattle. We're working out all of the details (such as: long and ornate white or purple robe, or perhaps one of them Boss Hogg white suits I've always craved?), but if any of you folks out there have any experience with this sort of thing, please drop me a line.
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