December 09, 2002

Not much time for anything exciting this afternoon, as I'm rushing off to Brooklyn to once again experience the pure rock of Mr. Jason Loewenstein. I don't want to leave you all with nothing, so how about a bizarre piece of trivia, perhaps that a young, rotund Richard Simmons appeared in an orgy scene in Federico Fellini's "Satyricon"? Or maybe you'd like to hear about the exciting return, after an almost-four-month hiatus, of Patchouli, the bestest darn daily web strip in all the land. You can go check out the brand-new 2003 Despair Demotivators Calendar and maybe even buy one, unless you're Mike Whybark, in which case I've already gotten you one for Christmas, or another random friend, since they had a special discount if I bought three). Okay, if you insist...cute pictures of bunnies!!!
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