November 16, 2002

Yes, I'm a little stressed. If I don't get the hell out of New Jersey over Thanksgiving I'll throw myself out this frigging window. I know I'm a little late in the game to take advantage of any supersaver websclusive triple-miles bonus fares, but at this point I'll strap myself to the undercarriage of a traffic helicopter if it's landing in a different state. Anybody know of any good deals, or suggestions about where to go?

I've been doing some searches for Vegas, but it's kind of a weird place to go in that I'd rather not go there by myself, but at the same time I don't necessarily want to go with anybody. I've been there with people who didn't really like to gamble, and while parts of the trip were a whole lot of fun, you can't really tell someone to go off and find something to do while I sit here and play cards for six hours. Maybe I'll wait until a non-holiday time to go for a cheap few days, but that still leaves the question of where do I go right now!
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