November 08, 2002

Bust out that rabbit's foot, it's time for another exciting contest here at The Donk: Blog Poker! Have you always dreamed of breaking into the world of high-stakes poker but been held back by those bastards at the plasma center with their small-minded regulations and donation limits? Well, now you can! Blog Poker has all the thrills and intrigue of high-stakes poker, only without the cigar smoke and the savage beatings under the Atlantic City boardwalk. This is one hand, winner take all, losers hit the highway.

What's the prize? We can't tell you yet, but it's gonna be swanky! And why are you so worried about the prize, when you ain't even won yet? Quit putting the cart before the horse, Bucky!

The game is gonna be a little somethin' we like to call Donkey Hold `Em. Here's how it works: everybody gets dealt four cards (and yes, I'm going to do this with a real live deck of cards, right on the dining room table here at Donk HQ). Over the next few days we'll deal out "the board," five community cards that belong to everybody. You'll take two cards from your hand and combine them with three from the board to make the best poker hand. For example, if there are three spades on the board and you have two spades in your hand, you've got a flush. If you have a pair of aces in your hand and there's an ace on the board, that's three aces. Of course, the best poker hand wins.

It's gonna be a week of! To enter, simply post the words "Ante Up" in the comments box and I'll take it from there.
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