October 04, 2002

This U.S. Has No Right to Invade Iraq, Canada Says
OTTAWA (Reuters) — Canada on Wednesday noticeably hardened its line against the idea of a unilateral U.S. strike on Iraq, saying Washington had no right to take action that could destabilize large parts of the world.

Ottawa — whose foreign policy is based on multilateral diplomacy — has consistently stressed the Iraq crisis should be handled through the United Nations and is showing increasing signs of alarm about the damage the world body could suffer.
Now, what could motivate Canada into taking such a hardline position against U.S. action? Could it be, as stated, a respect for the international community and a fear of repercussions? Perhaps the reason is more self-interested, with fears of what international instability could do to their oil exports. Or maybe, just maybe, a pair of Canadian heroes have their own fiendish plan for luring Saddam out of Iraq and facilitating a regime change!
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