September 04, 2002

The Voting Has Ended! As you may know, we are being unceremoniously booted from our Pulaski Skyway home office at the end of November, so over the past few weeks we've run a poll to let our readers decide our next location. And in a stunning, come-from-behind victory, the results are:
  1. New York City (60 votes): 31%
  2. New Jersey (52 votes): 27%
  3. Seattle (50 votes): 26%
  4. Texas Gravel Pit (17 votes): 9%
  5. Witness Relocation (12 votes): 6%
  6. Dublin, Georgia (3 votes): 1%
It was a thrilling finish, with a late surge by the east-coast posse breaking the seeming Seattle stranglehold. I'd like to thank all my readers for their diligent and repeated voting, and I'll be sure to ask for all of your help the next time I have a tough dilemma the same week that hell freezes over.
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