September 02, 2002

100 Things About 100 Bloggers (via Paul Frankenstein)
  1. I was born in Brooklyn, New York
  2. I have a mother, father, brother, and sister, all of whom I like a great deal.
  3. I had a younger brother, Robert, who died at five when I was six.
  4. My family moved to New Jersey when I was under a year old.
  5. I have lived in New Jersey for 26 of my 31 years.
  6. I would consider myself a Jersey guy no matter where I moved to.
  7. I am proud of this identity.
  8. Then again, when I lived in Seattle I would often answer “New York” to the question of where I was from.
  9. In New Jersey, I have lived in Parlin, Old Bridge, New Brunswick, Plainfield, North Brunswick, and Jersey City.
  10. Not counting family or relationships, I have had five roommates; all the arrangements have gone well.
  11. I think that I am an easy person to get along with.
  12. I consider myself very fortunate regarding my friends and family.
  13. If I think somebody is upset with me, I need to rectify the situation as soon as possible.
  14. I have had three full-time, salaried jobs, as well as about at least ten hourly/temp positions.
  15. I have been fired once.
  16. It wasn’t that big a deal.
  17. I hate job interviews.
  18. I think that I am very good at what I do for a living.
  19. The most valuable lesson I have learned at work is that nobody ever wins an argument.
  20. One of my proudest achievements was my Employee of the Year award at my last job.
  21. I have a terrible nail-biting habit, and constantly bite and pick at them as if they done me wrong
  22. I have a systematic method for eating corn-on-the-cob, removing each row to eventually leave a clean, stripped cob
  23. I prefer almost all vegetables raw, including corn-on-the-cob
  24. My specialty dish is deviled eggs.
  25. I used to like sushi, but seemingly overnight I completely lost my taste for it.
  26. I much prefer vanilla to chocolate.
  27. I don’t care for cheesecake.
  28. I have ordered the soy burger dinner with swiss at Dojo’s at least 25 times.
  29. I have worked in a Burger King, Roy Rogers, and a small diner.
  30. Given the choice between being evicted from my apartment and working in food service again, I’d have to think about it.
  31. There are two foods and only two foods on which ketchup is allowed.
  32. Tabasco is a gateway condiment to far more dangerous sauces.
  33. During the Gulf War my friend Keith and I created a mixed drink called the Wolf Blitzer, consisting of Yoo-Hoo and amaretto.
  34. I wish that I drank more in college.
  35. I have probably smoked less than 20 cigarettes in my life.
  36. I have lost a fair amount of weight twice in my life.
  37. I now need to do this again.
  38. I had bright red hair as a child, but it has progressively darkened to its current brown.
  39. My best feature is my calves.
  40. I have really bad teeth.
  41. I have had three root canals and countless fillings.
  42. The sickest I have ever been was my two-week sinus infection during the L.A. riots.
  43. I have never had any piercings or tatoos.
  44. Wearing any sort of jewelry or accessories really annoys me.
  45. My favorite baseball team growing up was the Phillies, mostly as a backlash against obnoxious Mets fans.
  46. My favorite player was Mike Schmidt.
  47. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch.
  48. Tennis is my favorite sport to play.
  49. I have never beaten my dad in tennis.
  50. I once bowled a 201.
  51. Despite my being pretty bad at baseball, my Little League teams won championships all six years I played.
  52. Despite my being a fairly good player, my soccer teams lost every game my last three years.
  53. I was the team scoring leader my last year of soccer with one goal.
  54. I have never been to an NFL game.
  55. I have been to minor-league hockey and indoor soccer games.
  56. The most exciting moment of my life was watching Jim Leyritz hit a game-winning 15th inning home run to beat the Mariners in the 1995 playoffs.
  57. I realize that this is fairly sad.
  58. I’ve spent way too much money in my life on sports cards and comic books.
  59. My dad and I have a baseball bat signed by every living Hall of Famer
  60. I’ve stopped buying things like action figures just because they’re cool and I think they’d look good on my desk.
  61. My favorite place in the world is the Guggenheim Bilbao.
  62. My favorite place that I visit regularly is Manhattan’s Frick Museum.
  63. Either that or the Lower East Side in general.
  64. I have visited seven countries, though three of those were for less than a day.
  65. The first Joseph Heller book I read wasn't Catch-22.
  66. I’m not sure how, but I drive an average of 500 miles a week.
  67. Driving 70 on a sunny day, windows down, music blasting, is one of my favorite things in the world.
  68. I’ve been in three car accidents, two of which were my fault.
  69. I much prefer cold weather to hot.
  70. I like shoveling snow.
  71. I can do fairly complicated calculations in my head.
  72. The most money I’ve ever won at poker was $1100.
  73. The most I’ve ever lost was $700.
  74. Those two sessions were three days apart, which proves something or other.
  75. Within minutes of browsing in a book or record store I’ll need to use the bathroom.
  76. During college I essentially wore nothing but t-shirts with cartoon characters.
  77. I felt very good the day I realized that I no longer had any of these left in my regular wardrobe rotation.
  78. I rarely get worked up over things.
  79. My sister thinks that my biggest problem is that I refuse to admit when I’m wrong.
  80. I think she’s mistaken about this.
  81. When compared to the films and music of the last two decades, TV has nothing to be ashamed of.
  82. I’ve never been in a fistfight.
  83. I’ve appeared onstage in front of thousands.
  84. The first record I ever bought was Joe Jackson’s Night and Day.
  85. On the other hand, when I was 12 and my grandmother let me pick out any cassette I wanted at Kmart, I chose Olivia Newton John’s Greatest Hits.
  86. I own everything Elvis Costello has ever released.
  87. I think at his peak, Woody Allen was the funniest stand-up comedian ever.
  88. I am neither a cat or dog person.
  89. I subscribe to far too many magazines.
  90. I have fairly neat handwriting.
  91. I should paint and write more.
  92. I normally prefer listening to talk radio as opposed to music while driving.
  93. Someday I’m going to think about all the time I’ve wasted and need a stiff drink.
  94. That drink will likely be Johnny Walker Black.
  95. I automatically check everything I see for spelling errors or typos.
  96. I’ve only been in one strip club.
  97. I have spent an insane amount of money attempting to win stuffed animals on boardwalks.
  98. I don’t think I make a good first impression.
  99. All things considered, I think I’m a pretty decent guy.
  100. I really should have spent the last two hours working on freelance projects instead of this silliness.

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