August 24, 2002

New Jersey in the House!!! I can't help but notice that the "Remain in New Jersey" option in my super-special poll is lagging far behind the New York, Seattle, Gravel Pit, or even the Witness Relocation Program options, and I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed. I consider myself a Jersey kinda guy, and The Donk a Jersey kinda blog, so this can only mean that I have failed to effectively extol its virtues.

That's why I'm bringing in the professionals, since I obviously don't have the cognitive capacity to do so. is a remarkable site devoted to the sheer joy of summertime down the Jersey Shore. The hottest clubs, music, ladies — they're all there and all good. NJGuido's philosophy is "There are no excuses. Party like a rockstar," and it's a philosophy they live to the absolute fullest.
Living is being an anxious lion with a heart that is filled with strength not from rest or from perfection but from the feeling of being alive and the thought of getting older, knowing that one day it will not be able to rule the jungle and catch its prey any longer. Everyday you wake up to life but are you living? Go out and prey on the feeling of being young, knowing that this is your time to truly live. Have a lion heart and live. Don't miss a weekend, there are no excuses.
Most religions have started with less-elegant and convincing credos than this.

Anyway, before you vote again, please read NJ Anthem, which sums up the sheer glorious wonder of the Garden State in the summer. God bless us, every one.
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