August 25, 2002

Are You Ready to Rock?!?! Were you walking around your city or town last night, wondering where all the rock had gone? "Gee," you may have thought, "there was plenty of rock here just last night. Where'd it all go?"

The answer, my friends, is The Knitting Factory in Lower Manhattan, home of last night's unbelievably good Jason Loewenstein show. I went into the show cold, not really knowing anything other than that he was/is (see, I don't even know that) in Sebadoh, a band whose CD's I listened to once or twice a few years back. I went with my friend Little C-Za, a rabid fan who had been having a rough day involving low water pressure and a hastily rented Wet-Vac.

Anyway, it was one of the best damn shows I've ever seen. There were only three people in the band, but it sound like fifty, a symphony blasting out a pure sonic wall of rock. Many beers were downed, several devil finger-signs were spotted, and a cabride up to Penn Station was spent in breathless wonder (other than the few moments when our driver slammed on his brakes to avoid a carful of dipshits who had to park RIGHT THERE!).

The Jakerock site lists the tour dates (Jeez, they're in Pittsburgh tonight, a long freaking ways-away, that's gotta be worth something), and if he's playing near you and you don't go see them then you're not my friend.
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