July 30, 2002

Nature Quiz: Read the following excerpts and then answer the question that follows:
Biologists said the five males and one female were showing a typical mating pattern, common during the summer.

Biologist Penny Husted said from two to 20 males will follow a female for days, sometimes weeks, until she is receptive. [During this time] "She will hide her genital regions and basically rest," Husted said. "It's important that people leave them alone when they do this so she can get the rest that she needs." Husted said the female will typically return to deeper water once she has rested.
Were the preceding excerpts taken from:
  1. A story about six mating manatees which washed up on a Florida beach, or
  2. A Trentonian feature about the singles scene in Seaside Heights, NJ?
Click here for the exciting answer! (Okay, it's the manatee one. Thanks, Christine!)
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