July 08, 2002

For all of you who checked out the pictures from the Summer Redneck Games and wanted to get to know those fine folks a little better, I present the WQZY Dateline, starring Heather from Milledgeville!
Howdy Yall
Well lets see I'm 15 going on 16 and I'm 5'5 120 lbs long light brown hair blue eyes I have that real southern accent and i love to HUNT!!! and FISH!!! and did i mention HUNT hehe well i'm a big ol redneck been raised that way i love Fords but i got a Chevy, I like to hang out at the river ride 4 wheelers go mudd boggin LOVE the RODEOS And NASCAR DALE JR baby !!!!! and i love the GEORGIA BULLDOGS , Falcon, and of Course the BRAVES!!!! So if yall likin whatcher readin email me and i got some pictures i got msn messanger so add me to your list well hope to hear from yall fellers oh yeah ages 16-18 or 19 Please.

And im lookin for a guy that will be nice and caring and lovin and faithful to me and i love me some countryboys with some meat on em and muscles and of course a ga bulldogs hat Thanks!
Ah, to be 12 years younger and a whole lot drunker...
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