July 03, 2002

Back, just in time to leave again. First of all, I have fully recovered from the aforementioned Sour Milk Incident with no lasting ill effects. Thanks to all who sent flowers and get-well-soon cards, as well as to the few of you who wrote suggestions on how I can avoid this problem in the future. You are to my life what the pretty angels are to the clouds in heaven.

Anyway, since my company was nice enough to close down on Friday as well as tomorrow, I have decided to use this rare extended break as an opportunity to find America. I’ve got a 2002 Rand McNally atlas in front of me, and tomorrow morning I’m gonna get in my car and head on down the road. My general direction, I think, will be towards Kentucky and Nashville, but that can all change at a moment's notice in this beautiful world. If you see a blue-greenish Ford Escort tooling down the road with a smiling man in the driver's seat singing along to the radio, why not give a little wave? What does it cost?

Before I finish packing, I wanted to leave you with this little note I got today from my friend Val. I think it sums up a lot of what's happening in this crazy old world, and gives us all a little hope for the future:
Yesterday I watched a man put a sausage and cheese calazone into a blender. He added about a cup of beef broth and made soup. His stomach is stapled (to lose weight) and he can’t eat solid food.
Makes you think a little, doesn't it? See you in a few, folks.
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