May 07, 2002

Rode home on the PATH train last night (from the quite-excellent Belle and Sebastian show) with four Mormon guys in their mid-twenties, including one who had just seen Manhattan for the first time and was completely blown away by it. What made this even more impressive was the fact that he had actually spent two years doing missionary work in Jersey City and Newark without taking the 15-minute ride across the Hudson to NYC (he apparently would have been recalled had he done so, as he was there to spread the gospel, not to sightsee).

Anyway, this was about the third or fourth time I've found myself in a situation involving a group of Mormons, and I was once again amazed by their ability to get large groups of people talking about life, spirituality, and pretty much anything. Obviously, a huge part of successful missionary work is getting people to start talking about their lives, and I'm always impressed with how effortless they make it seem.
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