May 29, 2002

More on the "Bud Bowl" All-Star Ballot. I've thought a bit more about the "Vote for an All-Expos/Twins All-Star Game" plan, and while I'm not going to be stuffing the ballot box myself (I'm actually in favor of contraction, at least when it comes to the Expos, and probably for the Marlins as well, and certainly for the Yankees.), I have to admit the idea of Bud Selig watching three innings of a Twins-Expos game in his home stadium is real damn funny. Still, I have no actual desire to watch large numbers of Expos play, a sentiment shared by the good people of Montreal. Anyway, if you're interested in the meme, you can follow its progression in the Clutch Hits message board devoted to the topic.

To avoid boring everybody, I've listed my All-Star selections in the comment box. And Lou forgive me, I actually voted for two Yankees (and really should have voted for three).
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