May 16, 2002

It doesn't happen very often, so when we here at The Donk get some media attention it's a major boost for us. So when we glanced through Dawn Olsen's Up Yours interview with blogger Marc Weisblott and saw the following, it just about made our week:
Me: I have a question. Since you railed hard on what you don't like in a blog what do YOU like.
MW: I just like personality, character ... the kind that I'm drawn to in real life is reflected in the sort of blog I want to read. [...] Do you want me to give you a favorite blog top ten list?
Me: You listed like four, where are the other six blogs?
MW: Ken Goldstein is the least grating of the NYC blog society. You know it?
Me: Again...No
Wow! Where I come from, that's a compliment! And where I come from is a very sad place indeed...
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