May 29, 2002

(Actually written at about 1:30 in the a.m., but not posted until daylight come.) Through the magic of technology and cross-country flight I find myself posting from the comfort of my own bedroom. It was an odd trip for me, since in a lot of ways Seattle still feels more like my home than Jersey. I've spent the last week among most of my closest friends and visiting familiar, favorite places, so it's taking a little while to sink in that this is the permanent, and that was just a fine interlude. I remember flying into Newark about a year after I moved to Seattle, and how excited I was to see the flying neon eagle on the Anheiser-Busch plant near the airport; it's a little like how I felt seeing the Space Needle last Wednesday.

In a two-minute recap of what I did during this past week instead of working and blogging (a week in which I spent a total of about 20 minutes in front of a computer), I spent a lot of time hanging out with some of the best damn people on this big, blue marble, was taken by my old roommate Murph to a Mariners 7-3 win over Tampa Bay (folks, you have no idea just how popular Ichiro is), went to the Woodland Zoo and saw a baby elephant, ate at Catfish Corner, had some fine Vietnamese sandwiches, vegetarian Ethiopian and barbecued salmon, took a bus up to Canada for the lovely wedding of the wonderful newlyweds, Kate and Steve Leroux, hung out in Vancouver with Zach and Heather (what a gal!), did a little Canadian shopping (acetaminophen with codeine, anyone?), checked out this hip new coffee place, Starbucks, and just had an all-around action-packed time. Thanks to all my NW friends for helping me do up the town Broadway (Capitol Hill, that is) Style!

But as Tony Soprano said under similar circumstances: "Back to work."
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