March 02, 2002

Via Blogistan, Britney Doesn’t Know Yoko by Roger Friedman
You could guess that a girl without much of a formal education is no rocket scientist. She's not going to know much about the history of civilization, world economics, or how to split an atom. What you might expect is that she'd know something in the category of pop music, enough to play Rock and Roll Jeopardy on VH-1.
Well, no, Roger. Whatever you may think of Britney, she works a grueling schedule, and has spent her formative years practicing and performing and working 18-hour days as opposed to sitting holed up in her room devouring back issues of Creem or Rolling Stone, listening to old records, and just plain wishing she could have seen the Ramones back at CBGB's. Had she done this, I'm sure she would do an excellent job on Rock and Roll Jeopardy, and would be well-qualified for the position of SIlly Rock Journalist, enabling her to scream stupid trivia questions at multi-millionaire 17-year-olds. I'm sure she's crushed that she missed out on this.
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