December 24, 2001

Copywriting: A 24-Hour Job. Went to see Ocean's 11 Saturday night with Rachel. I enjoyed the first 75% of the movie as it was what I hoped it would be: a breezy caper flick with plenty of Clooney. Unfortunately, at around the aforementioned 3/4 mark, the film (twice) has two near-full-screen shots of a pine air freshener, or "AIR FRESHNER," as the little pine tree read, in giant letters. I immediately felt my stomach drop, as that week at work I had finished a project involving air fresheners (as I spelled it), which encompassed packaging, catalogs, trade show booths, and spec sheets. For the rest of the movie I sat there in fear that I had approved several instances of a blatantly obvious typo, one that was in the process of being printed thousands of times on expensive paper. It was all I could do to keep from running to my car and driving to either work or the local Barnes and Noble to check the dictionary.

Fortunately, all was well and spelled correctly, and I can enjoy my time off from work in peace. Best wishes to all.

(As an added piece of editing trivia, my favorite typo ever is Ms. magazine spelling the word "Feminism" wrong on their cover back in 1996.)
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