October 16, 2001

Yankees vs. Mariners, baby! Spent a few quiet hours in the right-field bleachers of Yankee Stadium last night watching the Yankees pick apart the hapless A's. Actually, it was more like watching the A's beg the Yankees to just wijn the damn thing already -- seriously, it was as poor a big-game performance as I've seen in some time.

It was the most electric experience I've had at a baseball game. From the first pitch to the end the crowd was completely into it, with about half the game spent standing, screaming, chanting, etc. Every two-strike pitch by a Yankee pitcher was met with raucous cheering, and Soriano's second-inning two-run single was met with a crowd explosion. I can't see me ever sitting anywhere other than the bleachers for a big game. I appreciated my fellow bleacherites tremendously last night; I'm really going to feel bad for them when the Mariners kick some Yankee ass in the ALCS.
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