October 05, 2001

Oh Good. How far behind the curve am I on this weblog thing? It turns out I'm not even the first KEN GOLDSTEIN to have one on Blogspot! Sheesh. Maybe we can get our own subcategory or something on the main page.

Actually, I've come across this guy a few times before when Googling myself. He's a writer, both of short stories and political commentary, and one of the many fine Ken Goldsteins in this great land of ours. Others include...um...Ken Goldstein, the Executive VP of Disney Online and former bigwig at Broderbund software (which resulted in some very amusing mistaken identity phonecalls back when I worked for Multimedia 2000 Software) and Ken Goldstein, a well-respected figure in folk music.

But, dammit, none of them got the coveted kengoldstein@hotmail.com e-mail address, did they?! (Okay, the folk singer guy died in 1995, but still!)
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